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Classification of products for muscle gains in UK

Every UK athlete, especially the bodybuilder, dreams of rapidly gaining mass. At the same time, of course, everyone wants not to gain extra fat in order to look good and tightened. A significant part of success relies on good nutrition, competent training process and appropriate recovery of strength. But a special role in this matter is played by drugs that help gain weight. It is necessary to understand what they are and what effects they produce.

The safest preparations for gaining muscle mass are: ·      

  • Protein complexes;  
  • ·       
  •  Gainers;
  • Amino acids;
  • ·     
  • Cratine.
  • You need to understand the features of each of them to understand which one is right for us:

    Gainers are a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins, which contains many nutrients that are essential for muscle growth. Such complexes are well suited to athletes with ectomorphic physique, who have difficulty gaining muscle mass due to high metabolic rate. They are characterized by high caloric value, so people who are prone to fullness, they are not recommended.


    Proteins, in turn, are considered one of the best drugs that help in gaining muscle mass. It consists of protein, which acts as a building material for muscle tissue. It is perfectly combined with other additives such as amino acids and creatine.

    Creatine is known as a safe additive. It is used as an auxiliary "material" to increase weight, endurance and strength. Creatine plays an equally important role in the body as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Its special feature is that it is already part of muscle tissue, and with supplements its concentration increases and becomes more powerful.

    Amino acids are the nutrients that are part of the protein. They are useful for the body as its growth, regeneration, and the independent production of antibodies and hormones of various kinds. Complexes containing this element help to gain quality muscle mass and influence the processes of anabolism in the body. With their help, it becomes possible to regulate the processes of catabolism and recovery of the body after stress and strain. The most famous complex of this species is ESAA, which includes valine, leucine and isoleucine.

    Anabolic steroids in UK: be or not to be.

    To date, the most effective drugs that contribute to muscle mass gain is considered to be anabolic steroids. They simulate testosterone, and act in a similar way to this male hormone. Such drugs are characterized as the most effective, but differ in the appearance of side effects. That is why they should be taken under the strict control of a specialist and not engage in self-treatment. Because of good results in the consequence of buy Primo tabs, they occupy a leading position in the market of sports drugs.

    What are the anabolic effects of steroids that make them so popular?

    It is possible to increase muscle mass up to 10 kg per month; ·

    The bones in the whole body are getting stronger; ·

    Athlete's endurance and strength are increased; ·

    Subcutaneous fat decreases and is replaced by quality muscles.


    But they are not insured against side effects. These are the most common of them: ·

    Virilization (appearance of "female" features in men - for example, growing breasts); ·

    Musculinization (a woman's body structure begins to resemble that of a man - the chest decreases and the muscles grow); ·

    There are problems with potency, which can lead to infertility; ·

    It is possible that the testicles may shrink in size; ·

    Often the hairs on the head fall out.

    So what can we take out of all this information for ourselves in the future?

    It is important to remember that today's sports market is full of various products that help gain muscle mass. If you are an "amateur" in this case, experts recommend paying attention to creatine, protein and amino acids. They help keep your body in good shape and achieve great results. But if you are a professional bodybuilder, you can not do without taking anabolic steroids. It is important to recognise that their administration must be well thought out and of quality, without self-treatment or self-diagnosis. You should remember a few important rules related to taking such drugs: it is mandatory to consult a specialist and follow all recommendations in the dosage. Adhering to the tricky recommendations can achieve good results and minimize all possible risks. And this, you have to admit, is not a bad bonus.





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